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Entry #3

What I'd love to do + Other Stuff

2015-07-11 20:53:49 by DreamsOfBurningSkies

So now that I contributed a few lines of vocals to a track with @Lich I would love to try and build up the confidence to try and sing normally. Problem is that I'm abit tone deaf and I Need some serious damn practise </3
maybe one day I could collab with Lich and do something awesome along the lines of an Angelspit song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQzab7sNCzs - that'll be amazing to do ^_^

Well apart from that I'm just doing some bits in FL Studio with Omnisphere at the moment so as soon as I make something which isn't absolutely boring I will upload it to newgrounds. Most likely going to be ambient or Industrial, not sure what direction I want to go yet. Both seem diverse enough just to write down whatever and play in the style of. Stay tuned, I'll have something up eventually <3



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2015-07-12 07:09:36

I'm getting my laptop with LMMS somewhere around the end of this month.
Hope it works out.

DreamsOfBurningSkies responds:

Awesome, you need to make something and send me over some demo's <3


2015-07-12 08:26:47

v the jelly and angst is strong in this one


2015-07-13 17:25:36

I could use some extra moans in my music :) Are you interested? :)

DreamsOfBurningSkies responds:

Mayyyyyyyyyyyybe. Throw me a message via skype with what you want doing and I'll reply back since I have it on my phone pretty much 24/7 <3


2015-07-14 07:29:22

Don't listen to Deshiel he just wants to hear you mean.
The sick fuck.
Yeah, I hope I'll be able to make something good in the summer. I'm also getting shrimp so I'll definitely be keeping myself busy.


2015-07-25 16:37:20

That joke was terrible.


2015-07-31 16:51:05

you say ambient or industrial and I'm just like "why not both?"