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So now that I contributed a few lines of vocals to a track with @Lich I would love to try and build up the confidence to try and sing normally. Problem is that I'm abit tone deaf and I Need some serious damn practise </3
maybe one day I could collab with Lich and do something awesome along the lines of an Angelspit song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQzab7sNCzs - that'll be amazing to do ^_^

Well apart from that I'm just doing some bits in FL Studio with Omnisphere at the moment so as soon as I make something which isn't absolutely boring I will upload it to newgrounds. Most likely going to be ambient or Industrial, not sure what direction I want to go yet. Both seem diverse enough just to write down whatever and play in the style of. Stay tuned, I'll have something up eventually <3


Sooooooo, News <3

2015-06-14 11:45:15 by DreamsOfBurningSkies

News time!

 - 1) I now have FL Studio all sorted out along with a few extra plugins I can use universally between FL and Adobe Audition so I should hopefully be updating some audio soon! The biggest aquisition was Omnisphere, I am having soooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun with it <3

- 2) My voice is going to be in a new album by @Lich . I usually speak to him on Skype once or twice a week (we should hang out sometime, I'm in Norwich and he's in Lowestoft haha) and I've mentioned about some of my past projects and work mixing acoustic tracks and doing minor voice-over and dialogue work before. He chimed in and said that I'm more than welcome to sneak my voice somewhere into his album. I'm suprised he hasn't announced it yet or released any public previews, it sounds awesome so far!

- 3) I might be going over to the US for holiday soon! I've saved up a fair bit of money over the last year or so and I am pretty hyped. I'll probably spend around 2 weeks over there maybe on a road trip with my two other friends just exploring and sightseeing. Snapping some pics might also be handy <3 If any of you mention which states you live In i'd be happy to drop by and say hello (oh and get a pic with you all!) ^_^

New here.

2015-01-30 17:47:04 by DreamsOfBurningSkies

Hello all.